Why Would Anyone Want to Attend an Animal Circus?

Animal circuses are not all they’re cracked up to be.  Wild animals, many who travel 20-100 miles per day in the wild, are forced to live in cramped cages and are chained for their entire lives.  Remember, when the big top buttons up after leaving your city these majestic creatures are forced in the back of trucks in order to travel to the next city.  The ones who performed up to expectations are crammed into confined living spaces while the ones who “misbehaved” are beaten until they learn to “perform” correctly.  They endure extreme temperatures traveling from city to city, often without any protection from the elements.  Many are sick, don’t receive the proper nutrition or veterinary care, and are forced to perform when they are sick just to provide a few minutes of entertainment each day to an uneducated public.

Elephants born in captivity are ripped away from their mothers at birth and chained along with the other baby elephants for months on end to “break their spirit.”  The elephant babies who were “lucky” enough to be born in the wild, are often ripped away from their families, while the older elephants in the pack are left to mourn the loss of the child, or sometimes are killed to steal their tusks for the illegal ivory trade.  Animal circuses (as you will read throughout our website) are not conservationists.  They use this guise to make the public feel less guilty about being witness to their physical and psychological abuse.

Who is the “Traveling Animal Protection Society”?

We are an all-volunteer group of citizens who became aware of the sad lives of the animals exploited by traveling animal circuses and are working together to help end this outdated and abusive practice.

Please Join Us in the Fight to End Animal Circuses!!

Animal circuses are becoming obsolete because the true story of torture and abuse is being told by groups like TAPS. It’s important to educate the general public about what really happens when the lights are dimmed on traveling animal circuses.  TAPS is an international grassroots organization with headquarters in Pennsylvania and is run by an all-volunteer group, with no paid staff.  If you are interested in starting your own TAPS chapter in your city, feel free to email us at endanimalcircuses@gmail.com and we will provide you with the tools to get started to end ALL animal circuses who think they can get away with torturing animals and no one will notice.  We have joined in the fight, and now hopefully you will join us in this very important fight to end animal circuses across America and the world.


If you’re in Philly, keep your eyes peeled for our ads which are running on SEPTA buses scattered throughout the city. If you see one, please snap a quick photo (not while you’re driving!) and send it to us at endanimalcircuses@gmail.com. Your photo will appear on the home page of our website!

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Friday, January 10 – Comly & Penn Street


Wednesday, January 26 – 18th and JFK