Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus (“Ringling”) has been abusing animals for circus crowds in various venues since the 1880′s.  Exploited animals have included not only the tigers, lions, elephants, horses and dogs used today, but hyenas, hippos, kangaroos, giraffes, monkeys, chimpanzees, orangutans, and bears.

When the elephants, monkeys, big cats, and other circus animals aren’t imprisoned in trucks and trains for up to 100 hours at a time, these members of the animal kingdom are doing the tricks taught by torture. “Torture” isn’t hyperbole – it’s the truest word for the electric shocks, beatings, and lifetimes of pervasive neglect exhaustively documented by reports, investigations, photos, videos, and personal accounts.

Ringling encounters record numbers of animal lovers protesting when they travel throughout the country.  Ringling has been forced to reduce the number of performances in each city because the public is now more aware of the torture these wild animals endure, including elephants being beaten into submission by bull hooks (an instrument of torture that was recently banned in the U.S. city Los Angeles, California.)

Please boycott this animal cruelty disguised as children’s entertainment.  Most informed parents no longer take their children to any Ringling performance, and Ringling is likely to be shut down in most cities throughout the U.S. within the  next few years.

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