UniverSoul Circus rents all of its animal acts from outside exhibitors.  For the act using zebras, the circus rents from Jennifer Caudill (Walker), U.S.D.A. Lic. No. 58-C-1109.  Walker obtained an exhibitor’s license for seven zebras sometime in 2014.

In November 2015, two zebras escaped from the UniverSoul Circus during a show in Philadelphia and were running loose for over an hour. It is unclear whether these zebras are owned by Walker or by her fiancé Lance Ramos Kollman, whose USDA license has been revoked and who is acknowledged by Ms. Walker to be training the zebras, and who can be seen in the photos accompanying the news reports, handling them in public.

In January 2014, Walker was cited by the U.S.D.A during a routine inspection because the “travel trailer did not have air conditioner/heater in order to protect the dogs from extreme temperatures.”