Write a Letter to the Editor

Is an animal circus coming to a town near you?  Chances are they have received glowing coverage from your local newspaper the last time they were here.  A few weeks before the circus is schedule to arrive, send a short (200 to 300 words) letter explaining why animals in the circus should end.  Focus on at most two or three points and try to make it tie into something recently in the news already (e.g. the passing of a bullhook ban in Los Angeles).  Check out these links for more good tips on how to write an effective letter:




Don’t be discouraged if your letter doesn’t get published the first time (or the first ten times!)  You WILL get published eventually, and the more letters the newspaper receives, the more urgent the issue will appear, and the more likely it will be that yours or some other letter will be published in the future.

Join or Organize a Protest!

There is nothing more important than a peaceful, physical presence at the animal circus itself.  This is your target audience – people going to the circus!  Clearly, they don’t know about this issue or they wouldn’t go.  If they do already know and choose to ignore or downplay the facts about animals suffering in the cirucs, it is necessary to show patrons that they will need to cross a picket line to support the abuse.  Picketing has been effective for many years for dissuading others from joining in a particular abusive practice, whether it’s in the form of a labor action or a consumer boycott.

Many cities already have local groups organizing protests (check out your local meetup sites), but it’s easy to organize your own.  Here are some good sites to get your started:




Just Spread the Word!

Download flyers from our site or others and give them to parents to hand out.  And help us to spread the word!  We use a variety of means to educate the public including placing bus ads, organizing peaceful, educational demonstrations at circuses that use animals, and informing the public about the reality of the lives of circus animals.  If you would like to help our campaign with a donation, please email EndAnimalCircuses@gmail.com and we’ll let you know the best way to do that.  Thank you!